ystudio Brassing Ballpoint Pen

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Taiwanese ystudio began in 2012 to make “fine artifacts” that last a lifetime. That seems to be the endgame for the Brassing Ballpoint Pen. The black coating is meant to be slowly be worn away over the years as you write, creating an almost fingerprint-like uniqueness where the brass is revealed. If you don’t have years to wait for your patina, the pen comes with a bit of sandpaper to speed along the unveiling of the brass.

Lacking a pocket clip, this one might work better as your everyday desk pen. The sleek black and hefty single-function ball point will look great alongside all your modern technological frippery — we all know pens don’t have downtime for scheduled maintenance. And since this one just gets better with time, you’ll never have need for an update. – Buy It

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