Zab’s Hot Sauce

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What better way to liven up a meal — be it a deluxe burger or classic scrambled eggs — than with a dash of what you might call “the good stuff,” I.E. A delicious hot sauce? We’re of the opinion that there’s little that a great hot sauce can’t do when it comes to everyday meals and special occasions, from chicken to pizza to soup … and that’s why we’re going to bat for Zab’s Hot Sauce.

Helpfully, it’s sold by our friends at Huckberry, who seem to have a knack for stocking the best of the best, from rugged flannel shirting to camping gear and the accessories to go along with it (such as hot sauce you can bring along with you on your next outdoor excursion).

Zab’s uses handpicked datil peppers in its remarkable and authentic hot sauces, including those picked in St. Augustine, Florida for its St. Augustine-style hot sauce. We’d say you can’t go wrong with either variety, especially the classic Original Style — your home cooking just got a heck of a lot more flavorful with one small upgrade.

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