Zenbivy Bed

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The quest to perfect sleeping outdoors has involved a long journey. It’s possible that Zenbivy has achieved the objective. Their bed is lightweight, adapts to the temp, and lets you sleep in any position you want. At its core is a two part system (three if you count the sleeping pad) the bottom “sheet” affixes to the air mattress so you don’t slide off in the night and features a cobra-like hood on the top half.

The second part is the quilt. In warm weather, just use the quilt like your comforter at home, in cold weather the foot zips into a mummy bag shape and the upper part zips into the hood at the shoulders in a way that creates a full seal but still allows ample movement. It doesn’t look like any other bag out there — and at 2.5 pounds, a 23° limit rating, plus the option to sleep in a position other than stock straight on your back — it doesn’t act like any other bag out there either. – Shop Now

Zenbivy Bed

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