Zeus Custom Merge Project Motorcycle

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Zeus Custom defines the art of motorcycles with each project they unveil. Part of the secret behind Zeus projects is the unique approach they bring to custom motorcycle builds. The process begins when a client finishes their homework to get an idea of what they want. Zeus then selects five bikes close to what the client wants. From those five models, the client picks one to be the main foundation for the build.

That is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a Zeus Custom Motorcycle. The final project will be an accumulation of parts and style ranging from about 30 different bikes. There are also spare parts and other options to select upon delivery of the custom project. Zeus even backs it all up with a warranty.

The Zeus Custom Merge Project Motorcycle is the perfect example of what is possible when artists and builders dedicate themselves to their craft. A Triumph Thruxton R1200 provides the skeleton for the Merge Project. Zeus chose a bronzed-brown body color with a vintage Triumph text logo across the tank. 

This Brat style bike looks cool even when it is stationary. The vintage tires in front and back provide retro throwback style from the 60s. A black powder coating on the spokes rounds out the wheels with a beautiful finishing touch.

Zeus also created a curved rear end subframe dressed with LED taillights. A black leather seat with Zeus Custom signature embroidery proudly displays the sweat and wrench time invested into the Merge Project.

There are so many more details making the Zeus Custom Merge Project Motorcycle shine. From the suspension and exhaust to the handlebars, the word custom applies across the board on this Brat. To see the amazing work they did, check out the Zeus Custom Merge Project Motorcycle for yourself. It might even inspire your next custom motorcycle build.

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