BrewDog Hardcore IPA Beer

BrewDog Hardcore IPA

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When we sink our teeth into a new beer, its a satisfying feeling to have it bite you back. Known for their “Beer For Punks” slogan, grunge packaging, and high ABV beers, BrewDog Brewery claims that their Hardcore IPA boasts more hops and bitterness than any other beer in the UK thanks to three different malts, three different hops, and 3 additional dry hops.

We were more than ecstatic to find Hardcore IPA on the shelves this side of the pond, especially a few blocks down the road. And its freshness also made the trip unscathed. This double IPA pours a dark caramel color, with a rich citrus and sweet aroma along with a thick white frothy head that sticks around. Not surprisingly, hardcore delivers a big taste to go with its 9.2% ABV. A full, malty taste is quickly replaced by an extreme yet enjoyable hoppy bitterness we’ve long been searching for, followed by a subtle bready finish. Despite Hardcore IPA’s hefty price tag here in the U.S., it will get you drunk in a hurry, and will definitely break up the monotony of the mainstream light beer stacked up in your fridge.


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