Duke Cannon Bourbon Soap

Duke Cannon Big American Bourbon Soap


Do bourbon and soap go together? Of course they do — Duke Cannon says so, and we take the brand at their word. Duke Cannon specializes in pleasingly rugged, functional and unique grooming gear for the guy who likes his products to tell a story, and the Big American Bourbon Soap absolutely comes with a neat story (and even better quality).

The brand is honoring the “independent, pioneering spirit” of original outdoorsmen and adventurers by partnering with Buffalo Trace to add the distillery’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to this beastly soap (more than two times as large as other bars of soap). The Oak Barrel scent adds a recognizable, masculine but not over-the-top scent to this soap — it’s a product you’ll enjoy using on the daily, without a doubt. Even if you’re not an adventurer like the days of old, this soap harnesses that same feeling. – $9+


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