Duke Cannon News Anchor Hair Wash


Want to get that TV-ready, super-slick look for your next holiday party — or any everyday wearing occasion you can dream up? That’s where Duke Cannon comes into play, and this is definitely a brand that belongs in your medicine cabinet well beyond this holiday season. The brand’s News Anchor Hair Wash should be but one step in your approach to getting clean, great-smelling, great-looking hair (perhaps in conjunction with the brand’s News Anchor Pomade, we’d say).

It features protein for strength, and the unique larch tree extract for proper hydration, both crucial ingredients in helping your hair weather winter in style. Featuring cedar, spices and sandalwood in the way of scents, it could be the only hair wash you want to use going forward — try it for yourself, then style your hair accordingly for the next time you want to be the best-looking guy in the room. – $15

Duke Cannon News Anchor Hair Wash


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