Inventery Mechanical Pen

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Although at first it might seem an unlikely essential to have, there’s no telling how useful, handy and functional a great pen can be. Again, it’s a small part of your everyday carry that can symbolize a lot — from signing big deals to scrawling out to-do lists, you certainly need something sturdy like the Inventery Mechanical Pen.

It features a lifetime warranty and all-metal parts, for starters — a cheap pen you found in your desk drawer, this is not. It’s the type of pen to carry with you on the daily, especially alongside a handy pocket notebook or custom stationery. In fact, it could definitely be the very last pen you need to buy. That’s saying something, as most of us go through pens at an astonishing rate. But with the sturdy nature, eye-catching looks and clean, simple design of the Inventery Mechanical Pen, you’re sure to remember this one — and use it day after day. – $90

Inventery Mechanical Pen


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