1967 Opel Kadett Rallye

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Believe it or not, this 1967 Opel Kadett Rallye is extremely rare. Over the years, most of these cars fell victim to negligence, corrosion or scrap yards. Once an agile and peppy car to drive, this particular vintage Opel is one of the few remaining unrestored examples left in the world. 

In some ways, the Kadett paved the way for the eventual GTI class of affordable performance cars. The zippy hatchback driving experience is easy to fall in love with, but functional utility capabilities make them a very appealing transportation option to this day. Opel’s vintage Kadett helped make this automotive industry transformation a reality back in the 60s.

This 1967 Opel Kadett Rallye is available and looking for a new home. As a first generation Kadett, being all-original and unrestored offers a unique opportunity to potential owners. While many vintage Rallye cars were being destroyed, this one enjoyed a view from the outside looking in.

Best of all, this car includes detailed ownership history tracing all the way back to 1967. It remained in one family until 1990. Then, it went to an Opel museum for 15 years preserving its condition while on display. From there, a collector acquired the car who brought it back to life. This car needs nothing and is ready to run if the new owner chooses to start the engine up.

Being so well-preserved, this vintage Kadett Rallye will not last long. Don’t miss your chance to see this car with your own eyes before it is too late. Sadly, you may never have the opportunity to see another unrestored 1967 Opel Rallye again.

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