2022 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Challenger Dark Horse

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Few things can provide the soul with the kind of satisfactory getaway it needs from time to time in a world as busy as this. The 2022 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Challenger Dark Horse would like to tip its hat to your next escape with style.

With a finish as smooth as each sip of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye whiskey, this limited edition Indian motorcycle just became the Dark Horse for that open space in your garage. The custom Rye Metallic paint scheme shimmers with green and gold accents over the vintage-inspired Indian motorcycle design.

You have plenty of bite to back up that bark thanks to the 1,768 cc, four-stroke engine. This single overhead cam (SOHC) engine design features 4 valves per cylinder with a side of classic American motorcycle purr. It sends 122 horsepower with 128 pound-feet of torque to the meaty 180/60R16 Metzeler Cruisetec rear tire.

A 6-speed transmission with overdrive gives you plenty of room to explore the engine’s full potential while a wet multi-plate clutch with assist makes shifting easy. The split dual exhaust system features a resonator to give you all the growl you want without making your eardrums bleed.

Thanks to the Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight, the road ahead is always clear. This advanced lighting technology senses the bike’s lean angle while simultaneously activating additional LED projector beams to provide you with superior visibility.

The only catch is if you want to ride this hog, you gotta act fast. They are only making 107 total 2022 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Challenger Dark Horse motorcycles. Call it a small batch rye if you’d like but there will never be another barrel exactly like this one. Taste it while you can.

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