Amazon Vinyl Of the Month Club

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No matter how many hi-fidelity streaming services the tech coast can throw at us, no one will ever be able to replace the sound and feeling of spinning vinyl. It’s kind of like the difference between holding a paper book in your hands to read, or flipping through an ebook on your smartphone—the physical one is just more real, more there, a physical experience rather than ethereal data.

Starting out collecting records, however, is a whole different animal. In my own experience, the vinyl community isn’t always welcoming to newcomers. Understandable given the recent resurgence of popularity in their well-tread hobby, but disappointing nonetheless. 

If you want to skip over this awkward phase, consider signing up for Amazon’s new Vinyl of the Month Club. The music experts over at big A choose one essential record per month from the Golden Age of Vinyl (1960s and ’70s) and send it to you hassle-free. It’s the most low-maintenance way for vinyl newcomers to build a collection for themselves.

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