Apple AirTag

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Take a look at what the new Apple AirTag does (locates stuff you attach it to) and you might think: So it’s a Tile? Kinda. This isn’t the first time Apple has come to market with a product that’s already out there (iPod, iPad, Apple Watch come to mind) and like those products, Apple has combined its signature sleek design and smooth integration with its existing suite of goods to create something that’s a little different, and possibly a little better. 

First, the integration. Obviously, it’s built for use with your iPhone (models 11 or 12). If you’re already using the Find My app to know where your friends and family are at any given moment, your Apple AirTags will slot right in. Instead of telling you your sister the nurse is on shift at the hospital, it’ll say your wallet is in the couch cushions, giving the AirTag a ping and/or displaying directional cues on your phone like a game of Hot and Cold. 

Next, the design. It’s (of course) smooth and shiny and attractive. When you buy it (individually or in a pack of four) you have the option to engrave it with your initials or an emoji for free. The optional accessory loops perfectly fit the tag, letting you hook it to your bag, pack, or camera strap. A $350 Hermès key ring adds a little luxe for those who crave such things. But there’s also the more reasonable $30 AirTag Loop.

AirTags have a year of battery life and replaceable batteries for continued use. You can even draw on the vast network of iPhone users to help you locate the keys you lost at the beach or the backpack you left at the pub. 

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