The Batman

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With a touch of Frank Miller’s dark aesthetic, Matt Reeves’ The Batman looks like it’s served up with OG comic lovers in mind. Previously, Reeves successfully remade a beloved Swedish film with his horror-romance Let Me In. With The Batman, he takes from graphic novels like the psychological Year One and trauma-focused Ego—titles with arguably more protective fans than Swedish horror has. But boy, does Reeves go all in. 

The Riddler, a villain often relegated to campy bank robberies, is a Jigsaw-style serial killer. Meanwhile, Rob Pattinson’s Batman gets the hardest anti-hero treatment the character has ever received on the big screen (complete with stylized eye bags). There might even be a potential Alfred betrayal. It’s a Batman familiar to comic fans, but unique to cinema, with all of the cool fight scenes and awesome weapons we all love.

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