Be Your Own Bartender

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If every night is beer and a shot night, you’re either fine with it, or you’re looking for a bit of a change. Those who fall in that latter group, here’s a book for you. It’s aptly titled Be Your Own Bartender and features more than a dozen quiz-based flow charts that will lead you to just the right drink for your current mood and situation. For those who want to head straight to the drinks, you’ll find 160 cocktail recipes divided into seven chapters, each devoted to a different base liquor, from rum to gin to whiskey.

For those at the very beginning of their cocktail careers, helpful equipment and technique pages break down the basics. People searching for inventive new cocktails will find what they’re looking for — like The Ibex with vodka and the pine liqueur Zirbenz. If you just want to build yourself one of the classics — a Basic Gimlet, perhaps — those recipes are here too.

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