Bespoke Post Box: Down Under

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There’s no question that the modern man needs to cover all the bases when it comes to style, grooming and refinement in general — that’s the case whether you’re jetsetting around the globe or crisscrossing town from the office to cocktail hour to a nightcap at your home. And for all those times and more, Bespoke Post has you covered with men’s grooming essentials that ensure the little details don’t go unnoticed.

Specifically, the Bespoke Post Down Under Box is exactly what you need when it comes to “below-the-belt” grooming — and we all know that the true gentleman takes care of every last detail. This Bespoke Post box includes essentials from Manscaped, including a professional grade trimmer, a nail care tool and even a “Magic Mat” to ensure no mess when grooming.

It’s the next step in personal care, and it’ll pay plenty of dividends each and every time you use these essential (and underrated) picks.. Well done, Bespoke Post.

“The best in below-the-belt grooming.”

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