Bill & Ted’s Excellent Phone Booth

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Once upon a time we sent telegrams. Now that we can video message anyone we want, we prefer instead to send short, truncated messages via text that suspiciously resemble telegrams. We listen to vinyl despite Spotify. Read paperbacks despite Kindle. Use pen and paper despite everything. And now, a serious relic from the past, the phone booth, is once again a thing in our lives. 

With the proliferation of our open plan modern offices, some people might like to make a dang phone call without twelve other people listening in. Cubicall offers solutions in the form of phone booths and other distraction-free, private areas where people can go to focus. And their latest phone booth offering is particularly not bogus.  

Coming in a limited run in May of 2020, the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Phone Booth is a recreation of the phone booth that sent Bill S. Preston Esquire and Theodore Logan hurtling through time, picking up historical luminaries along the way. The booth will have full modern connectivity (VoIP and landline) and will also feature the time travel antenna. It’ll be the perfect thing to climb inside so you can rotary dial all your friends to see if they’ll go to the premiere of the new Bill and Ted adventure, Bill and Ted Face the Music in Summer of 2020.

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