Boogie’s By DSC

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Slicked back, spiked up, military, or messy? High hold, high shine? Medium hold, matte shine? Whatever look you’d like to grace your dome, something from the Dollar Shave Club’s line of hair products will do. They call their line of hair products Boogie’s and to date they’ve got a paste, a fiber, a cream, a pomade, and a gel.

Like everything from DSC, you can buy your items one at a time, or sign up for the club and get the stuff you want delivered however often you choose (once a month, twice a year, weekly if you’re just really into getting stuff in the mail). And if you ever try anything you don’t like, they’ll send you something else instead, no charge.

Of course, if you’re just done dealing with hair altogether and want to shave it all off, they’ve got razors to take care of that job too. – Shop Now