Bose Sport Earbuds

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If you think about the ear, it’s a pretty impressive feat of engineering. And if you don’t think much about your listening apertures, that’s OK, because Bose thinks about them a lot. Their new Sport Earbuds come with three sizes of umbrella-shaped silicone ear tips that work with the flexible wing to find a home in your ear and not let go. Jump rope, get really bouncy with your burpees, spin like Julie Andrews in the Alps, these guys promise not to fall out. 

The sound is of course stellar and lifelike — that’s just the way Bose does it — with a patented port design and high-efficiency drivers. Controls are fairly intuitive with touch operation on the outer surface of each earbud so instead of fumbling with buttons, you just tap to play, pause, answer calls, and more. They come with a charging case that not only charges your earbuds when plugged in, but holds a charge on its own to recharge your buds two extra times. 

With five hours of life per charge and a water-resistance rating that can handle sweat and unexpected rain during a run, if you have to cut a workout short, it’ll be because of your screaming calves and rioting glutes — not because your motivational Mötley Crüe stopped playing. (Read our hands-on review)

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