Breckenridge Summer Pils

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When the heat of summer reaches its peak, when a hard day’s yard work is done, or when it’s time to kick back around the bonfire … you’re going to need a cold beer. Might as well make it one of the best summer beers from as reliable a brewer as any, right? We’re recommending you stock your cooler with — and subsequently reach for — the Breckenridge Summer Pils, a classic summer beer that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or quality.

While we love hoppy IPAs as much as the next craft beer fan, a great pils is harder to perfect, and arguably more fitting for summer. That pursuit of perfection is what led Breckenridge to the Summer Pils, a Bohemian-style pils made with Noble Saaz hops to deliver plenty of character with every sip. A bit of subtle spice via those hops sets this beer apart from other pilsners on the market. On top of that, there might not be a better sight for sore eyes than a refreshingly cold, golden beer in your pint glass at the end of a long summer day. Grab us another one, will ya?

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