Buick Electra Electric Crossover Concept

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The inspiration behind a concept is always so much more than just an idea. In many cases, a concept is a dream or a vision for the future. If ideas are the spark of change, then a concept is the wave of a revolution yet to come.

As the tide rolls, the current flows. Such is the case with Buick’s all-new Electra Electric Crossover Concept. Welcome to the age of intelligent electric vehicles. The Electra represents the future of intelligent mobility. 

It definitely looks futuristic, to say the least. As it should, designers used inspiration from a space capsule. From minimalist elements to making the most of open space, the styling is out of this world. 

Should you feel too far from the stars while grounded, the open glass canopy of the Electra extends from almost the front of the hood all the way to the rear of the EV. The view on a starry night is breathtaking for passengers inside Buick’s electric crossover. 

Electra Electric Crossover Concept

A full LED-illuminated grille complements the glowing Buick badge with a touch of innovative class. The 23-inch rims always look like they’re moving, just like the Electra Electric Crossover Concept itself.

Buick’s new concept crossover EV also features butterfly style doors, they open through convenient facial recognition technology. Once inside, the vehicle accommodates seating for four. There is no traditional instrument panel, even the steering wheel is retractable. 

The suspended seats feature an all-new light-weighted armature structure giving the interior a visual effect of zero gravity. Everything from concealed air conditioning to ambient lighting enhance the state-of-the-art experience inside the Electra. 

Of course, this is just a concept vehicle at the moment. If Buick ever decides to put the Electra into production, they say it will be capable of going from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just under 4.3 seconds. With a targeted range of 660 kilometers between charges, this could become a popular EV for family trips. 

If Buick makes the Electra, there will be plenty of interest. New EV concepts are popping up every day, but this one definitely catches the eye. Stay tuned to Buick for more details.

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