Byrd Hydrating Body Wash

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With quirky, eye-catching designs and excellent performance, Byrd makes a whole host of grooming products you need. Chief among those might just be the brand’s Hydrating Body Wash, a great value for just $20.

The sulfate-free formula is geared to remove dirt and grime — a prime function of any men’s body wash — yet it is also crafted to return moisture to the skin. And the ingredients packed into the Hydrating Wash are all underrated and useful when it comes to daily skin maintenance.

From sea kelp to aloe, vera and green tea, this body wash delivers the goods, and then some. It’s even made in California, so the brand surely knows a thing or two about protecting your skin from the elements. It’s a product you should absolutely reach for day in and day out. When you try it out for the first time, you might be tempted to stock up quickly. – $20

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