Camp Cocktails

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When your bar cart (at home or of the traveling variety) could use a refresh — and let’s be honest, that’s probably more accurate now than ever — turn toward Bespoke Post, one of our favorite online shops and a reliable purveyor of everything you need to stock up with right now. Before you can load up on ingredients, though, it’ll pay off mightily to know just what exactly you need to buy — and subsequently make.

And if you’re heading out on an adventure, you need not fear — you can unique takes on your favorite cocktails off-trail, too. That’s where Quarto Camp Cocktails comes into play, a book guaranteed to open your mind to the joys of crafting a perfect cocktail in the great outdoors.

It might sound too good to be true, but Quarto Camp Cocktails gets into the pleasures of the flask-ready Old Fashioned, campfire-ready cocktails and easy-to-make sippers that pair perfectly with long days on the trail and starry nights off the grid. The one thing you need to supplement your essentials before your next camping trip? Quarto Camp Cocktails.

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