Corkcicle Ivanhoe Duffle 24

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Take the easy portability and fashionable good looks of a duffle bag and cross it with the beer-chilling magic of a cooler. The result looks a lot like the Ivanhoe Duffle 24. Well, actually, the result is the Ivanhoe Duffle 24 because no other cooler bag out there looks quite as good as this. From the smooth leatherette exterior to the space-grade insulation inside, this thing looks good while it hauls your beers and keeps them cold for hours on end. 

It’s hard to say what the biggest selling point is here. Could be the fact that when you carry it around, you’re not announcing to the world, “I’m carrying a cooler right now!” Could also be that when you’re not hauling 24 cans of your favorite oat sodas, the Ivanhoe happily acts as a regular weekender duffle or a gym bag. Picnics, pool parties, camping, ball games — the only dilemma is deciding how you’re going to fill it today.  

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