CRKT Spark’N Sharp Fire Starter

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Columbia River Knife and Tool  make some of the most useful stuff you could ask for in the outdoors — hatchets, EDC folders, hunting blades, and so on. So they know very well that starting a fire with a magnesium rod is no one’s preferred way of going about things. Matches? Lighters? That’s what you want in an ideal fire-making situation. But the Spark’N Sharp wasn’t made for ideal situations. 

Designed to be small enough that you’ll always include it in your gear when you’re headed to the wilds (or just down a new hiking trail), it has a pull-out magnesium rod and a slide-out striker. At the other end of the striker you have yourself an on-the-spot sharpener for putting a serviceable edge on your knife. A lanyard threads through each piece so nothing gets lost and allows for easy attachment to your gear. In an emergency situation, you don’t care what’s ideal. Being able to start a fire and sharpen a blade without resorting to rocks and sticks will be unquestionably appreciated.

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