Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Sanitizer

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Duke Cannon may act tough, but really, he cares. The manly men’s grooming brand has given us Big Ass Bricks of soap, Trench Warfare deodorants, and now a new hand sanitizer called Bloody Knuckles. It exceeds the CDC’s guidelines for germ-annihilating ingredients, but also contains aloe and Vitamin E to heal and hydrate your hands. As we head into the less forgiving season of winter, that extra consideration will go a long way.  

Duke also gave some thought to the scent. Instead of smelling like you just poured a bottle of grain alcohol all over yourself (which you kinda just did), they came up with a clean and light citrus aroma so you actually look forward to sanitizing those mitts. Topped off with the same cap you find on your trusty bottle of sriracha, there’s no flipping lid to snap off and lose and it won’t leak in your pack.

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