Duke Cannon Midnight Swim Solid Cologne

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Take an old-school approach the next time you reach for your cologne. And when we say old-school, we don’t mean reaching for the same-old, same-old cologne or grooming essentials. We mean going off the beaten path and picking up some solid cologne from Duke Cannon in an intriguing, mysterious and high-quality scent.

Duke Cannon Midnight Swim Solid Cologne is, after all, an aptly named cologne that calls to mind summer nights at the lake or the beach — just, more grown up these days. We love that the scent distills down, as the brand so aptly says, “cold water, fresh air, and crisp green notes.” Seems like summer to us — how about you? It’s a fitting addition to your summer grooming rotation, and it’s the right way to finish off any warm-weather ensemble. In this case, we’re thinking retro shorts, a camp collar shirt, beat-up canvas sneakers and of course, your Duke Cannon solid cologne.

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