Epiphany Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit

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It could certainly be said that the best way to prepare for the unexpected is to, well, prepare for the unexpected. And the Epiphany Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit does exactly that — if you’re an outdoor adventurer with plenty of trips under your belt, maybe you’re already acquainted. And if not, it’s best that you start by giving this affordable, potentially life-saving kit a look.

The Epiphany Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit lives up to its name reliably — for under $30, you’re getting pocket bellows, a crucial ignition source and fire fuses. That this gear works in a downpour is a testament to its utility, reliability and excellent value — to say the least. It could be the best $30 you spend before your next camping trip — and when you’ve got hundreds of dollars of gear on your body (and in your rucksack or durable weekender bag), it’s sometimes the smallest details that make the biggest difference in dire situations. – $26

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