Evil Twin Bikini Beer

Evil Twin Bikini Beer

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As much as we love a delicious, rich IPA or a hearty stout — especially this time of year — there’s something to be said for breweries that focus on the little nuances that can make or break a potential new favorite beer. Evil Twin Brewing is lauded globally for doing just that, so it makes sense that they’d be able to craft a heck of a tasty pale ale. Tasty might even be an understatement when it comes to the Bikini Beer, a brew worth keeping stocked all year round.

Brewed at Two Roads Brewing in Connecticut, Evil Twin calls the Bikini Beer “seductively well-balanced.” And although it might be hard to find, it strikes us as the type of beer you’d do well to keep stocked in your cooler when you take off on that (inevitable) winter beach getaway. At 2.7 percent ABV, we can certainly knock back a few of these — how about you? – Learn More


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