Finisterre Nimbus Jacket

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For all those times when the weather demands you meet it head-on, you might be forgiven for sacrificing form in favor of function — but if you know anything about the Finisterre brand, what with its surf-inspired coastal roots, then you know that sacrifice isn’t necessary. That’s right: You needn’t give up looking sleek and stylish for staying protected from the elements, and that’s practically a Finisterre guarantee.

The Finisterre Nimbus Jacket is humble in its design and yet highly functional all the same, featuring a water-resistant and windproof exterior that just so happens to be treated with a DWR coating for another line of elemental defense. The ripstop polyester shell happens to be highly durable, and Finisterre took things a step further by crafting their own insulation for this sleek, travel-minded coat.

What to wear it with? Easy. Any other gear you’ve got that’s made to get outdoors when the weather turns bad, from rugged chore pants to waterproof leather boots and a thermal shirt.

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