GOAT Hub 70 Cooler

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We’re always on the lookout for new gear that’ll help us thrive outside. And this one? It’s something we kind of wish we’d thought up ourselves. If you’ve ever tossed a few extra things in a cooler, just to conserve on space and trips to base camp, the GOAT Hub 70 Cooler refines that idea to a tee. 

At first glance, it’s a big and beefy rotomolded cooler. With its 62 quart capacity, it’ll easily handle keeping your beers and other necessary items of sustenance cold and fresh. But look closer and you see four handles at the corners. What are they? Well they look like the mechanism Ripley uses to activate the self-destruct sequence at the end of Alien. Also the frozen dino samples in the labs of Jurassic Park. While they’re not that cool, they are cool. 

These “cans,” as GOAT calls them, are tough polycarbonate tubes with a weatherproof seal that can be used for cutlery and utensils, bottle and can openers, sauces and spices, or other implements of eating and food service. Thinking outside the food world, the cans could also hold flashlights, batteries, headlamps, first aid kits — we could just keep listing stuff, but you get the idea. 

Up front there’s a cargo net for stashing light and bulky gear. At either side, two long rope handles for lugging the Hub around. Anyone who enjoys being outside and knows the more organized you are, the more fun it is, will appreciate the thought that went into the Hub. They will also enjoy the beer coming out of it. 

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