GoRuck American Waterproof Jacket

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Rough, blustery and snowy winter weather means one thing — the right jacket is going to be critical, absolutely critical. And if you think the worst of winter is past you, we’d implore you to think again — perhaps it hasn’t even hit yet. With that being said, there’s one brand we think you can reliably turn toward when you need a rugged extra layer, and that brand is GoRuck.

The brand excels at melding innovative fabrics with tough-as-nails construction across the board, from hoodies to base layers, and the GoRuck American Waterproof Jacket is no different. Waterproof, windproof and weather-ready ToughShield fabric gives this jacket a highly technical, sleek air, while interior chest and map pockets provide critical protection for your everyday carry. Heck, even the zippers are waterproof.

The next time inclement weather gets in your way, don’t let it slow you down: Get this American-made jacket and all the (appropriate) bells and whistles to go along with it.

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