GoRuck Rucking Shirt

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Here is a shirt designed and built for some pretty intense abuse. GoRuck, the company that makes gear for — and holds endurance challenges around the idea of — rucking, offers up this polo to pretty much whatever you can throw at it. Little tweaks to the shirt make it very good for the punishment of carrying a weighted pack on your back while you hike, train or just walk around the city.

The Polartec fabric sheds water, wicks sweat and is durable enough not to pill under ruck straps. The seams are off the shoulder — ideal when you’re weighted down with 50 pound plates — and the athletic cut and stretch make it presentable enough for work and the pub afterwards. American-made out of the same fabric as rugby jerseys, this is a shirt tough enough to withstand abuse and look good while doing it. – $75

GoRuck Rucking Shirt


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