Great Divide Denver Pale Ale

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Great Divide is a great Denver success story. Born when brewing in the now brewery-laden city was still in its infancy, Great Divide brings home awards like small children bring home freaky bugs. The Denver Pale Ale is their take on an American Pale Ale, the brew that can easily be considered the granddaddy of craft brew in the US of A, one that relies on good ole American hops and a nicely balanced malt-to-bitterness ratio. It’s not as punchy as an IPA and is always just plain lovely to drink. 

Like a good APA should, Great Divide Denver Pale Ale gives off big citrus and pine notes from the hops, but adds a bit of toast to the malt to add a little character. The dry finish is refreshing and there’s a hint of bitterness which is perfect for staving off the heat. The can itself is a bit of a treat too. Each year Great Divide commissions a local Denver artist to adorn the aluminum and this year that honor goes to Scot Lefavor, whose street art- and sign-influenced aesthetic created the all-Denver-all-the-time design that’ll keep locals engrossed in spotting Mile-High City references as they enjoy their expertly crafted ale.

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