Grovemade Minimalist Knife Collection

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Grovemade is absolutely a brand that should be on your list when it comes time to upgrade your everyday carry — they simply don’t miss a beat in terms of crafting tough, durable gear that provides plenty of help on outdoor adventures galore.

The brand’s Minimalist Knife collection represents the pinnacle of their approach to clean, sharp design and great looks — plus functionality. Available in strikingly designed blends like Walnut and Brass as well as classic Aluminum, the Minimalist Knife collection plays off the classic Higonokami pocket knife — that means you’re getting the best of the best.

It’s a knife that’ll prove as handsome sitting in your valet tray as it’ll prove tough and functional when doing yard work or heading out on a day hike. And if you’re happy with any one of the fine knives in the Minimalist Knife collection, you’d do well to look into the rest of the brand’s lineup — trust us. – $99+

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