Guinness Stock Ale Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beer

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Beer lovers, rejoice: The latest standout release from Guinness is here, and the even better news is that you don’t have to hop on a flight to Ireland to enjoy it. No sir, the lauded brewery has turned its attention toward crafting a rich and roasty new beer right at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore. And we’ll take it one step further — the new Guinness Stock Ale Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beer will in fact be up for grabs starting November 15th nationwide.

We say up for grabs because it’ll only be around for a limited time, if you’re lucky. But what makes the Stock Ale a different take than your classic Guinness? Plenty, and once again, that’s reason for beer lovers to rejoice. Namely, this particular Stock Ale blends famed Guinness Barleywine with Guinness Imperial Stout (both beers made in Baltimore) after they’re both individually aged in Bulleit Bourbon barrels.

The result is a new favorite sure to act as the perfect winter warmer at holiday parties and laidback evenings around the fire — both perfect places to enjoy a Guinness, as it were. At 10 percent ABV, it’s the right beer to take your time enjoying, because after all, you might not get another chance. Act quickly, then savor the results of this innovative brewing experiment.

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