The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles

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A mass-market paperback this is not. Not only is The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles a meticulously constructed, hand-bound masterpiece, it includes hand-tipped images, i.e. images that were printed separately and then individually adhered to the page by a human. Of course, what’s printed on the page is pretty impressive too.

As part of Assouline’s Impossible Collection series (which includes books on subjects from Andy Warhol to Rolex to wine) this celebration of our favorite two-wheeled machine looks at 100 of the most exceptional bikes of the 20th century. Big, full color images of rides like the 1934 BMW R7 prototype and Brando sitting atop a Moto Guzzi (taking a break from the Triumph, we suppose) in a publicity shot for The Wild One.

There’s the Vincent Black Lightning that broke the land speed record in 1948, and the Captain America chopper from Easy Rider. It’s an impressive tome with detailed images that’ll make any coffee table proud to hold it. The book even comes with a pair of white gloves so you can give the volume the respect it deserves.

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