Jackalope Brewing Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale

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Any craft beer lover should, by this point in the chilly winter months, have a fridge well-stocked with essential craft beers, from roasty porters to floral-tinged IPAs and perhaps even a bourbon barrel-aged stout or six. Add another essential brew to your crowded beer fridge with the Jackalope Brewing Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale, a finely crafted ale that shakes up what you thought you knew about winter beers. 

Surprisingly easy to drink and clocking in at an agreeable and not-over-the-top 5.1 percent ABV, the real kicker here is the infusion of real maple syrup during the conditioning process, allowing for tasty and rich flavor development that gives this brown ale even more character. Relish the fact that this beer functions nicely as a post-dessert brew when you don’t want to go overboard, or simply enjoy it with steak or roast chicken for a complete (and delicious) evening. Of course, you can always crack one open around a roaring bonfire or in front of a well-stoked fireplace this winter, and it’s all the better that you can get this beer delivered via Drizly in no time at all. 

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