KeySmart Slim Wallet

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The company that eliminated jangle in your pockets with their slim key holders is now coming after that bulk in your wallet. The KeySmart Slim Wallet is a front-pocket carry option that’s made from Tectuff leather — a leather bonded to a polyurethane layer with a molecularly fused finish. It’ll last ten times longer than traditional leather and creates a flexible, comfortable shell for your cards and cash. 

Thumb slots let you get at the six-card capacity, while card barriers keep everything in place. Since cash is irreplaceable and cards are a bit of a nightmare to lose, KeySmart added a pocket to their line of wallets that perfectly accommodates a Tile tracker. In the event that you should mislay your wallet, just use your phone to track the tracker, or make it ring loud and clear so you can zero in on its location, returning that wallet to your de-bulked pockets as quickly as possible.

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