Marshall Monitor II A.N.C. Headphones

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The new Monitor II headphones from Marshall pack all the high-tech stuff on the inside, keeping the outside welcomely classic. With their all-black design, pebbled leather look, and that iconic Marshall script across the ear — you may as well be wearing a set from the 70s, looks wise. But as for performance, these are very 2020. 

The over-ear shape was designed for ergonomic, all-day listening comfort and just to make sure you can take them with you wherever you go, they collapse down small and come with a canvas carry bag to keep off the road dust. New to the Monitor II is the inclusion of noise cancelling tech. Their advanced ANC measures external noise and blocks it out, leaving behind your music and nothing else.  

Custom tuned, 40 mm dynamic drivers deliver deep, immersive sound, which can keep going for 30 hours on a charge if you’re using the noise cancelling feature, and 45 hours without it. Three external buttons grant control — a gold knob for play and volume, an ANC button to toggle between noise cancelling, and the M button that switches between your preset levels and brings your Google Assistant to attention. They’re comfortable enough, with a long enough battery life that you really could spend all day wrapped up in your music, which sounds like a great way to spend a day.

Marshall Monitor II A.N.C. Headphones

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