Matador SEG30 Segmented Backpack

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Single bag travel is how you get where you’re going with a minimum of fuss, fumbling, and frustration. But there are rules: That bag must fit on the plane. That bag must be organized better than a card catalog at the Library of Congress. And that bag must protect your stuff when you arrive in sun-baked Phoenix in the middle of a monsoon. As though we wrote that list on a piece of paper, tore it up, and threw it in the fireplace, Matador is knocking at the front door with a spoonful of sugar, our list in hand, carrying this. 

The SEG30 Segmented Backpack is akin to a chest of drawers in that it has multiple, zippered packing cube-style compartments that you access from the outside. Separate your basics from your sweaters, your pants from your shirts, and you’ll pack, unpack, and find what you need in seconds, no rummaging required. Then there’s a padded compartment for your laptop and an enclosed pocket for your water bottle. 

The duffel shape is easy to carry with the handles, but when it’s time to move through a crowd like Neo through the Matrix, you can slip this over your shoulders, backpack style. At 30 liters, it’s got enough room for an overnight trip and, yes, it meets carry on requirements. As for the protection factor, the waterproof nylon has an ultra tear strength coating that ups the durability and makes sure the rain stays on the outside where it belongs. 

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