Montauk Pumpkin Ale

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As you flip your calendar toward a new month, do you find your palette starting to shift, too? Perhaps you find yourself craving one of the best beers for fall, and perhaps you find yourself craving something even more specific — the Montauk Pumpkin Ale might just be the beer you need to buy now, given that it brings together fall-ready richness and flavor into one delicious, easy-to-drink package.

Fall beers can be tough to get right, least of all a style like the pumpkin ale — the ingredients need to play in perfect harmony for a variety of palettes, and that’s exactly what the fine folks at Montauk have done here with the Pumpkin Ale.

We love the brewery’s light and easy-drinking lagers for the summer months, and now, the Montauk Pumpkin Ale gives you even more reason to continue to enjoy this brewery year-round, right on into fall. That’s something to which we’ll raise a glass, guaranteed.

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