New Belgium Purist Clean Lager

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Just as we’re of the opinion that your gear should meet the shifting demands of changing seasons, so to do we feel that what you’re sipping on should shift accordingly with the rising of the thermostat. Perhaps you swap out piping hot coffee for cold brew, or trade in a long-sleeve henley for a breezy slub tee — and on that note, why not switch up the beer you’re drinking for spring? Go from a juicy haze bomb or a rich stout to one of the best new lagers on the market — the New Belgium Purist Clean Lager could be your new favorite spring and summer beer, to say the least.

It’s an exceptionally light-yet-flavorful beer (clocking in at 3.8 percent ABV), and it’s made with organic ingredients for extra care. The difference comes from, among other things, pure mountain water right from Fort Collins, and the nuanced New Belgium approach carries through to the use of organic Oregon hops and barley. It sounds so refreshing, we can nearly taste the first sip on a breezy spring day — all that’s missing is a crystal-clear blue sky and the right view.

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