Nomadiq Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter

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If you’re still using a succession of cheap gas station lighters as part of your everyday carry, it’s time to make a change. For one, you know you’re going to lose those fiddly little plastic lighters. But more importantly, a really cool, well-designed, and long-lasting lighter doesn’t even cost that much.

Case in point? This super rad Nomadiq Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter that will make you look like some sort of superpowered fire wizard every time you use it. The lighter is as slick-looking as it is unique and innovative, with a powerful, USB-rechargeable electric ignition that does away with the need for fuel refills. And since it’s not burning butane, the light that you get from the Nomadiq can actually give a cleaner taste for your favorite cigars.

Nomadiq Rechargeable Dual Arc Lighter

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