Objecto H5 Hybrid Humidifier

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For those in certain parts of the country, a humidifier may seem on par with air conditioning on a bicycle. But as a near-lifelong resident of the southwestern quadrant of the US, I can vouch for the skin- and sinus-saving magic of a good humidifier. Unfortunately most humidifiers look like a giant hunk of hospital equipment and take up the vast majority of your bedside table space — two issues the H5 Hybrid Humidifier solves with a welcome dose of design sense.  

Not only does it look cool while taking up minimal space, it’ll add moisture to the air for spaces up to 650 square feet. That’ll cover even the largest master bedroom or living room. Filling the two and a half liter (antibacterial) tank will give you twenty hours of humidification and when the tank runs dry, the unit automatically shuts itself off. An optional night light feature adds some ambiance to your sleep set up, and if you want, you can drop in the included aromatherapy tabs to bring a little extra zing to your newly humidified air. 

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