Oconee Brewing x Waffle House Bacon & Kegs Red Ale

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Just when you thought the craft beer world had run out of ways to innovate and change up everyone’s favorite beverage, the folks at Oconee Brewing come through with a seriously one-of-a-kind ale guaranteed to make your mouth water (and perhaps make you crave Waffle House). Heck, that last part is nearly a given, seeing as Oconee Brewing did in fact team up with Waffle House on the Bacon & Kegs Red Ale, a dark red ale that clocks in at 6.5 percent ABV and of course, features smoky bacon extract. 

It’s a neat way to punch up a malty red ale with “salty, savory” flavors, according to Oconee Brewing, and it doesn’t hurt that the can design is pretty neat, too. Whether this beer makes you feel nostalgic for Waffle House or thirsty for your next brew, be sure to act quickly and snap it up at Oconee Brewing while it’s still around. One final word: We think it’s perfectly fine to enjoy this beer with a breakfast sandwich over the holidays. 

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