Oliver Cabell Shoe Refresh Kit

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There are two things that every adult man should always invest a little extra in: A really good bed, and a well made pair of shoes. You’re going to spend most of your life in one or the other, so adding a little comfort and class to both will deliver in spades for your quality of life.

But here’s the tough part: Your bed is protected by sheets that you get to wash and change. But your shoes? They have to fight with the elements everywhere you go. So to get the most out of a high quality pair of shoes, you’ll need to be ready to perform a little regular maintenance.

Oliver Cabell, well known for their snazzy leather kicks, has just the thing for your all white dress sneakers. Their Shoe Refresh Kit gives you everything you need to get your sneakers looking like new, including a cleaner, brush, whitener, and a fresh pair of white laces.

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