Ooni Fyra Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

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A deep and abiding hunger for pizza has come over all of us as we hunker down and hang out at home. Dominoes is reporting 16% increases over last year, Papa John’s hired 30,000 new employees to keep up, and Pizza Hut reported it’s biggest month in eight years. Frozen pizza sales are through the roof and there’s even talk of a pepperoni shortage. And yet nothing — not the fastest delivery, not the most loaded DiGiorno — will compare with a pie you baked yourself. And while the oven (hopefully with a pizza stone or steel) is perfectly acceptable, what we really need to comfort our souls right now is a woodfired pizza. One that goes from dough-plus-toppings to ready-for-your-mouth in one single minute.

The Ooni Fyra oven uses hardwood pellets (attained at any hardware or farm supply store, or straight from Ooni) to get the heat inside blasting up to 932°F. It takes about ten minutes to get the oven up to temp and the insulated, carbon steel shell and pellet hopper makes sure it stays hot through multiple pizzas. The included baking stone perfectly crisps the crust while the rocket hot temps cook your toppings. Everything about the oven is designed to be portable. The legs fold down. The hopper and chimney detach. And the entire unit weighs just 22 pounds.

If you have an outdoor space, and access to some basic ingredients (refrigerated, pre-made dough from the store is not cheating) then you have the ability to make your own pizza that’ll taste better than any other pizza out there.

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