Park Row DC Comics-Inspired Restaurant, London

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Park Row is billed as London’s first DC-inspired restaurant and bar, but the look is far more Gotham City than Metropolis or Gateway City. Black and gold and deliciously Art Deco, this is absolutely where Bruce Wayne hangs out when he’s not in the cape moodily dispatching villains or brooding in the Batcave. 

Inside Park Row, there are five restaurant and bar spaces with names like Pennyworth’s (after the loyal butler) and The Iceberg Lounge (founded by Oswald Cobblepot himself). There’s a strict no-costume policy, encouraging you to dress more like the billionaire playboy than his vigilante alter ego

Park Row DC Comics-Inspired Restaurant, London

With drinks on offer like Matches, the Architect, and Three Bridges, Park Row appeals to the true Batman fan. The fact that the drinks contain premium spirits, are made with high mixological acumen, and served in the most sumptuous of settings will appeal to anyone looking for a restaurant experience many steps away from the mundane.  

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