PJ-1 Packable Expedition Jacket

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If you’re looking forward to the start of fall but don’t quite yet know the gear to wear to make the transition, the PJ-1 Packable Expedition Jacket is sure to help you make the transition. It comes in but one color — a sleek black finish — and that’s a good thing, because it’ll help you quickly and swiftly take on all kinds of early fall adventures on the daily.

The PJ-1 is a rigorously crafted and rigorously field-tested jacket, one that’s wearable on a bike and off thanks to functional touches like a zippered collar concealing a functional hood. It also boasts increasingly rare made-in-New-York construction, plus Riri aqua zippers — the best in the business, and that’s critical when you’re counting on a jacket to do a lot.

If you’re not sold by now, you should certainly reconsider. Again, wear it on the road with durable cycling gear, and wear it off with slim black jeans and white sneakers for the ultimate in minimal style. – $365

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