Pyro Camp Fire Pit

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This Kansas brand first caught our eye with their Pyro Cage, an all-steel, pack-flat, tool-free fire box you can cook on. Now Proud Pyro is putting their American steel know-how to work with the Pyro Camp Fire Pit. Made entirely of steel, but only weighing as much as a good-sized cat (14 pounds) you can easily throw this into the cargo area of your vehicle and bring it to the outdoor destination of your choice.

It’s basically a cage made from perforated steel with an opening at either end for loading wood — full-sized, 16-inch logs will happily fit inside. Underneath, ash and smaller coals fall through to a removable base, making clean up a lot easier, and ensuring you don’t leave a black stain at the campsite.

The surrounding, perforated screen serves a few purposes. The one that sets it apart from other fire pits out there is the ability to catch sparks and embers before they float up and away — a feature that makes Smokey Bear happy. The second function is admitting proper airflow for a better burn. And finally, the perforated steel top is removable so you can go full deluxe with the optional griddle/grill combo that fits right on top of the Camp Fire Pit. 

When it arrives at your door, it’ll be a clean steel gray. You’ll know you’re using it right when you’ve turned it black as night and sooty as a Victorian chimney sweep. 

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